Carpet Installation: Carpet Over Concrete

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Installing Carpet Over Concrete

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Prepping Your Floor

Once your room has been completely emptied you’ll want to check for any moisture issues. The easiest way to do this is to rent a moisture reader to test the humidity in the room. Try doing this a week or so prior to you planned install date so you’ll have time for any waterproofing that may need to be done.

If you’ve got existing baseboards measure the space beneath them. If your new carpet is thicker than the previous, you may need to remove the baseboards and re-install them after the installation. If the new carpet can be installed underneath, leave the baseboards in place for the installation.

Repair and level the floor if needed. Small cracks and fractures can be fixed using a cement based, waterproof filler. Use a leveling product to even out any low spots on the floor. Once the leveling product is dry, you can sand the surface to smooth it out.

Finally, you’ll likely want to clean the concrete with a mold and bacteria killer. The easiest solvent is one part regular bleach to fifteen parts water. Rinse the concrete fully with clean water and wait for the area to dry completely.

Installing Your Carpet

Attach the tack strip along the perimeter of the room. The tack strip nails should be facing the wall. Make sure to leave a gap the thickness of the carpet’s pile between the tack strip and the wall – this is where you’ll tuck the edges of the carpet during install.

On the inside of the perimeter of the tack strip, lay down carpet underpad in strips and cover seams with duct tape. For extra security, apply an adhesive to the corners, as well as to various spots throughout the body of the underpad.

Cut your carpet to the size of the room with approximately 6 inches in excess all around. Place your seaming tape, adhesive side up, where your carpet seams up. Use a steam iron to soften the adhesive to join the pieces together.

Using a power stretcher or knee kicker, stretch the carpet across the room to the opposite wall and hook the carpet onto the tack strip. Continue this until the carpet is smooth and flat. To finish off, cut off any excess carpet and tuck the carpet behind the tack strip.

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